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Elizabeth Waugh VAS

Selected artist profile information for this contemporary British Sculptor
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Sculptor Elizabeth Waugh VAS
Elizabeth Waugh

About Elizabeth Waugh

Elizabeth Waugh is an elected Professional Member of Visual Arts Scotland (VAS)
Sculptor Elizabeth Waugh VAS
Elizabeth Waugh

Exhibition History of Elizabeth Waugh

VAS, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh,
RGI, Royal Glasgow Institute
Paisley Art Institute
Glasgow Art Fair
NYAD2000 New York
International Art Fair, Beirut
Gallerie du Bois D?Amour, Pont Aven
International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, St Quay, Portrieux
ArtParks International, Guernsey
Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh
Battersea Park Art Fair, London
1996, Visual Arts UK, Cumbria
Whitehouse Gallery, Kirkcudbright
Broughton Gallery, Borders
NTS Threave Gardens, Castle-Douglas
High Head Sculpture Valley, Ivegill, Carlisle
Red Barn Gallery, Melkinthorpe, Penrith
Portland Gallery, Manchester
Art Now Dumfries and Galloway, 1997
Malcolm Innes Gallery, Edinburgh
UpFront Gallery, Hutton-in-the Forest
Sculpture Seven, Stockport Municipal Gallery
Senate Gallery, Liverpool

Elizabeth showing her work to school children

Biography / CV of Elizabeth Waugh

Elizabeth Waugh was born in 1929. She attended Reigate Art School for two years, having gained a scholarship at the age of 15. She then attended Goldsmiths College in London, where she specialised in sculpture. After Goldsmiths, she spent two years at the Anglo French Art Centre in London, where she worked under the tutelage of sculptor Sean Crampton. Here she had the benefit of prestigious visiting tutors who criticised student`s work in exchange for exhibitions of their work held at the centre. These included Leger and Henry Moore, amongst other notable names.

Elizabeth`s work is exhibited widely in the UK and overseas, with sculpture sold to collectors in many corners of the globe.

At 84, Elizabeth works with as much enthusiasm and energy as she ever has and still follows her great love and fascination of human and animal forms in her creative endeavours. She finds that her desires to experiment and further her creativity or to exhibit widely are not in any way marred by her age.

Awards and Prizes of Elizabeth Waugh

Elizabeth Waugh won the
A4A Art Foundry Award, Royal Glasgow Institute, 2012
Powderhall Bronze Foundry Prize for Sculpture, VAS 2008
PF Charitable Trust Award VAS 2006
Scholarship, Reigate Art School
SAC and D and G Arts Team Marketing Awards


Spring Fling Li-Lo on Memory at University of Glasgow, Dumfries Campus, 2011

Acquisitions / Collections of work by Elizabeth Waugh

Small piece bought by H.M The Queen

Reviews of work by Elizabeth Waugh

DGB Life May 2007

Public Works of Elizabeth Waugh

Memorial Garden, Kirkcudbight Academy

Qualifications / Education of Elizabeth Waugh

Foundation Art, Scholarship, Reigate Art School
Sculpture, Fine and Studio Arts, Goldsmiths College, London
Sculpture, Anglo-French Art Centre, London

Influences / Inspiration of Elizabeth Waugh

Marino Marini
Frank Dobson
Henry Moore

Price Range of Work

Elizabeth Waugh's work has a price range from £450 to £9,500

Mediums utilised

Elizabeth Waugh's work is found in the following materials:

Artwork Categorised

Elizabeth Waugh's work is found in the following categories on site:
Nudes, Female Sculptures (9)
Animals and Humans Sculptures, Statues and Statuettes (7)
Human and Animal Sculptures (6)
Wild Animals and Wild Life Sculptures (6)
Garden Or Yard / Outside and Outdoor Sculptures (5)
Indoor figurative sculpture (5)
Animals in General Sculptures Statues (5)
Horse and Rider / Jockey Sculpture / Equestrian Sculptures (5)
Tabletop Desktop Small Indoor Statuettes Figurines Sculptures (4)
Animals and Birds at Play Sculptures Statues (4)
Horse Sculpture / Equines Race Horses Pack HorseCart Horses Plough Horsess (4)
Hares and Rabbits Sculptures (4)
Friendship Friends chummyness Amicability Camaraderie Cordility Kindred Spirit (3)
Contemplative, Restful, Thougtful Sculptures (3)
Small Animal Sculptures (3)
Field Sports, Game Birds and Game Animals Sculptures (3)
Females Women Girls Ladies Sculptures Statues statuettes figurines (3)
Couples or Group Sculptures (3)
Figurative Abstract Modern or Contemporary Sculptures Statues statuary statuettes figurines (3)
Garden Bird and Animal Sculptures (2)
Human Figurative Sculptures (2)
Stylized People Sculptures (2)
Nudes / Male Sculpture (2)
Interior, Indoors, Inside Sculpture (2)
Badger, Otter, Beaver, Weasel, Stoat, Pine Martin, Wombat Sculptures (2)
Nude or Naked Couples or Lovers (2)
Humorous Witty Amusing Lighthearted Fun Jolly Whimsical Sculptures Statues statuettes figurines (2)
Little Small Nude or Naked Girls Women Ladies Females Sculpture Statue statuettes Figurines
Stylized Animals Sculptures
Aquatic Sculptures Fish / Shells / Sharks / Seals / Corals / Seaweed
Dogs Sculpture
Horses Small, for Indoors and Inside Display Statues statuettes Sculptures figurines commissions commemoratives
Small bird Sculptures
Family Groups Sculptures
Bears Sculptures
Indoor Inside Interior Abstract Contemporary Modern Sculpture / statue / statuette / figurine
Cattle, Kine, Cows, Bulls, Buffalos, Bullocks, Heifers, Calves, Oxen, Bison, Aurocks, Yacks
Torsos Chests Females / Women / Girls / Damsels Sculptures Statues statuary
Circus / Stage Performer Sculptures or Statues
Horses Abstract / Semi Abstract / Stylised / Contemporary / Modern Statues Sculptures statuettes
Pregnant and post Pregnant Women or Females Sculptures
Happiness / Joy / Exuberance / Wild Pleasure sculpture
Gymnast or Gymnastic sculpture / statue / statuette / figurine
Poolside Sculptures
Mermaid Water Babies Water and Sea Nymphs sculpture statue statuary for Outdoors in the Garden
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"A sculptor wields the chisel, and the stricken marble grows To beauty."
William Cullen Bryant
Customer comment on 'Nocturne (Large Owl High Relief Wall Plaque statue)' by Wesley Wofford
Hi Peter, I saw the `Majestic` buck that Wesley did and adored it, but I wanted something original. So we tossed ideas around with Wesley and finally decided on the owl. Wesley was so incredible to work with, providing us ongoing progress updates as he went along. We are absolutely rhrillllled with the result..When we return to our condo, we will have the moulding faux`d so he will stand out even more. I can`t begin to express how incredibly talented we feel Wesley ... [Read more]
Bev., Florida, United States.